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History of The Boston-Hartford District 

New England Annual Conference African Methodist Episcopal Church

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The Boston/Hartford District of the New England Annual Conference, 1st Episcopal District, had its Genesis when the Boston and the then Springfield Districts merged.  At the time of the merger, Rev. Marcel J. Brooms was Presiding Elder of the Boston District and the Rev F. Lemoyne Whitlock served as Presiding Elder of the Springfield District.

At the convening of the “1973” New England Conference, the Boston/Hartford  District had its birth with the Rt. Rev. Ernest Lawrence Hickman Presiding Bishop appointing Rev.  Peter Bernard Walker to serve as the first  Presiding Elder of the newly organized Presiding Elder District.  Only four (4) Presiding Elders have served the Boston/Hartford District since its inception:  Reverends Peter Bernard Walker, Elliot J. Mayfield, Herbert L. Eddy (33 years) and presently, the Rev. Jocelyn K. Hart Lovelace.

Some of the notable accomplishments are listed below. This listing is by no means inclusive nor is the listing in chronological order :

  • A church was planted/new work started in Jamaica Plain section of Boston, MA and admitted into the New England Conference, Boston/Hartford District, African Methodist Episcopal Church at Bethel.

  • Mt. Zion AME Church, Newport, Rhode Island – Built and dedicated new edifice.

  • Bethel AME Church, Norwalk, CT – built and dedicated affordable housing, added new education wing and expanded church transportation with the purchase of a Coach Bus.

  • St. Paul AME Church, Cambridge, MA – total renovation and dedication of Christian Life Center and housing for homeless families.

  • Charles St. AME Church, Boston, MA - Renovation and dedication of church structure and Social Hall.  Designed and implemented a Pastoral Residency Program and began a Music and Arts after-school program.

  • St. James AME Church, Danbury. CT – dedication and total renovation of purchased church and two (2) family house.

  • Allen Chapel AME Church, Hartford, CT – total renovation and dedication of Sanctuary.

  • Bethel AME Church, Lynn, MA – dedication and renovation of the purchased church.

  • Bethel AME Church, Bridgeport, CT – dedication of the purchased church, parsonage, and additional housing.

  • Bethel AME Church, New Haven, CT – dedication of the newly built church. Purchase and total renovation of Community Outreach  Center.

  • Bethel AME Church, Springfield, MA - total renovation and dedication of the church.  Dedication of Donald L. Tucker Social Hall.

  • Allen AME Church Providence, RI - total renovation and dedication of church.

  • Bethel AME Church New Bedford, MA – purchased, renovated and dedicated new parsonage.ding the original corner-stone 

  • Grant AME Church Boston, MA purchased and dedicated a new parsonage.

So built we the wall, and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work. (Nehemiah 4:6)

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